What sets Graham Martin apart 


Graham’s goal for each of his clients is to explain and guide the client through a complex system in a way that lets his clients make informed choices, followed by the development of a thorough estate plan requiring minimal oversight by the clients during their lives, and minimal work by the family when the clients die. 

Graham Martin provides clients with Estate Planning services related to:

Wills & Trusts
Powers of attorney
Healthcare directives
Probate of estates


a gift to your family

A thorough end-of-life plan is one of the greatest gifts a person can give their family and loved ones. Planning for your death—whether imminent or distant—allows those you love most to celebrate your life and grieve your loss, rather than needing to sort out funeral arrangements, file life insurance claims, fight with siblings over personal property, go to court to transfer titled assets, and innumerable other difficult and confusing administrative procedures.

The best of estate plans can preserve a family’s assets and relationships, while the worst can tear families apart irreparably.

Graham helps evaluate a client's individual needs, and then gathers the information necessary to set up estate plans based on the client's individual goals. He also includes the administrative work of transferring assets and filing paperwork, so the client can focus on their life rather than their death.  

And should a client's estate require probating, Graham will guide the family or personal representative through the process from filing the will to distributing the assets. Graham's goal is always to find the simplest and smoothest path forward for your family and friends.

Working with the terminally ill and actively dying

Did you know that nearly 60% of Americans have no estate plan set up? Most of us wait until we're ready to do this work, but often don't get around to it until the last minute.

Because the last thing people want to do in their final months is paperwork, Graham takes on the burdens involved in setting up an estate plan and readying it for use. His work focuses primarily on people entering (or in the midst of) their end-of-life periods because he is most energized when engaging with people who are in the midst of struggles, and who need guides or companions. 


To make the estate planning process as accessible as possible for terminally ill or actively dying clients, Graham offers the following additional services, among other accommodations:

  • Meetings at your home or the hospital
  • Transportation to the bank or other institution (as needed for setting up new accounts or transferring assets)
  • Alternative methods of communication for clients who are hard of hearing or sight
  • Filing transfer and notice documents as needed

Pro Bono Activities

Provided 50+ hours of pro bono services every year since 2014
University of St. Thomas School of Law Alumni Association Board, Board Member, 2015 – 2017
Nova Contemporary Jazz Orchestra, Chair of the Board, 2014 – Present
Animal Humane Society, Cat Adoption Support Volunteer, 2013 – 2017

Graham martin's professional and educational Foundation

Professional Associations and Memberships

Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA)
Hennepin County Bar Association (HCBA)


University of St. Thomas School of Law, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2007

Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, 2004
M.A., Philosophy

St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota, 2001
B.A., Music, Philosophy

Bar Admissions

Minnesota, 2007
U.S. District Court District of Minnesota, 2009